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5 Ways to Incorporate Positive Affirmations Into Your Life

If you want to be happier, you need to change your thoughts.

And if you want to change your thoughts, positive affirmations can help.

Positive affirmations aren’t the only way to develop a more positive mindset, but they’re one of the most simple, accessible, and affordable ways to build more happiness into your life.

(They’re also backed by a good amount of scientific research. Read this to learn what science says about positive affirmations.)

If you’re new to the world of positive affirmations, you might be wondering how to use them or incorporate them into your daily life. 

Design.org is here to make it easier. Along with our personalized coaching system, our automated process sends you personal affirmations that add a positive spin to your day, right when you need it the most. (But more on that later.)

The bottom line is this: we believe in the power of positive affirmations, and we’re here to help you make them an important part of your everyday life.

Trust us—the results are worth it.

Choose affirmations that resonate with you. 

Incorporating positive affirmations into your daily life will be easier (and more meaningful) if your affirmations truly resonate with you. They should be based on your needs, or provide a direct response to your frequent negative thoughts.

Some people adopt positive affirmations they see others using, or generic affirmations they think they “should” use. This isn’t a bad way to start, but if you want to create real change in your life, then your affirmations should be centered around the things you want and need to work on.

For example, maybe you want to use positive affirmations to help build your confidence. Maybe you find yourself frequently thinking, “I’m inadequate,” “I’m worthless,” or “I can’t do this.” In this case, you would create a positive affirmation that directly opposes these negative thoughts, perhaps something like “I am capable” or “I am enough.”

When you approach positive affirmations in this way, those frequent negative thoughts can act as built-in reminders to put your positive affirmation to work. That is, whenever you think the thought, “I can’t do this,” you’re immediately ready to respond with “I am capable.”

Pair positive affirmations with another part of your daily routine.

It can be difficult to find the time for your positive affirmations or to remember to do them at all. For this reason, pairing your affirmation time with something else you already do every day can help you develop the new habit.

Many people recommend repeating your affirmations aloud for five minutes, three times a day. If you want to follow this pattern, you could repeat your affirmations in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

If you were pairing your affirmations with daily morning activities, you might repeat them to yourself while you’re showering, exercising, shaving, putting on makeup, or driving. In the afternoon, you could repeat them while preparing lunch or while waiting in the carpool line. And in the evening, you could use journaling, meditation, or even brushing your teeth as a cue. 

These are only suggestions (as is the five minutes, three times a day schedule). The important thing is to find a solution that works for you. Choose an activity you do every day, and to use that to remind you of your positive affirmations.

Go beyond the repetition.

Positive affirmations are powerful on their own, but if you find that simply repeating your affirmations isn’t quite stimulating enough, or if you want to expand your learning, you can try supplementing your affirmations with other learning tools.

You could, for instance, read a book related to the topic of your affirmation (confidence, body image, productivity, etc.). Podcasts, Ted talks, documentaries, and other content is available on just about every subject you can think of, so use these things to your advantage.

You can also keep a journal to keep track of insights you’ve had, things you’ve learned, and your general thoughts about your affirmation. This could be especially useful as you start to notice the progress you’re making and the change your affirmation is creating in your life.

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Get physical.

Often, when we experience negative emotions, our bodies react to those emotions in a physical way—butterflies in the stomach, tension in the neck, a racing heart, etc.

When practicing your affirmations, be aware of the way that your body feels. Before you repeat your affirmations, take several deep breaths. If possible, use a mirror to look yourself in the eye while you say them. Some people even recommend “anchoring” the affirmation by placing a hand on the area that feels discomfort from the related negative emotion. (For example, if you feel sick to your stomach at the thought of giving a presentation at work, place a hand on your stomach and repeat the affirmation that will help you feel more confident.)

Once you are more in touch with your physical responses to your emotions, you will be able to use them as cues to help you incorporate your positive affirmations throughout the day. When you feel that tightness in your shoulders or that tension in your jaw, you can respond with a positive affirmation that will help you combat both the physical and emotional discomfort.

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