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Accessing Your Inner Power

There is power inside of you. Did you know that? Whether you call it your soul, or your inner dragon, or your “secret sauce,” you’ve got the power to make things happen. Accessing that inner power, however, isn’t always easy. Sometimes, we may just forget that the power is there. Other times we may feel like it’s burned out entirely. But what if you could access your inner power whenever and wherever you wanted?

Guess what: you can. And I’ve got some tricks to help you.

What can your inner power do?

Before we get to how to access your inner power, I want to do a quick discussion about why accessing your inner power is important. If you were able to access your inner power, what could you do?

Change your thoughts

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about inner power is the power to change your thoughts. Your life begins in your thoughts.

That’s good news and bad news. It’s bad news because many of our thoughts are automatic, and many of them are negative. In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of our thoughts are repetitive thoughts, and 80% of those thoughts are negative. That means that if you think a negative thought today, there’s a pretty good chance it will come back to haunt you tomorrow (and the day after that … and the day after that). 

In that way, the fact that our thoughts have so much power can be a bad thing. But here’s the good news: you have the power to control your thoughts. If you’re able to catch those negative thoughts before they can motivate action or cause a negative thought spiral, you’re going to be much better off. And if you can learn to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you’ll be better off still.

Design your thoughts so that they serve you, and you’ll live the life you want to live.

And the whole thing is a lot easier when you are accessing your inner power.

Drive your actions

Accessing your inner power can also drive your actions. After all, what good is power if it’s not being put to use? 

Your inner power can motivate you to get up and get moving. It can show you what you’re capable of. In fact, as you use your inner power to act in positive and healthy ways, your inner power will grow stronger. 

We are all capable of more than we think we are. I once heard someone say “You have the same number of hours in your day as Beyonce has in hers.” We all have access to the same amount of time. It’s what we choose to do with that time that makes the difference. 

And when your inner power is driving your actions, those actions are going to be powerful.

Fulfill your purpose

Once you’ve learned to master your thoughts and your actions, you’re better equipped to fulfill your purpose. Your purpose is why you’re here. It’s what you’re meant to do.

Your inner power and your purpose are connected on an intimate level. In fact, I would say that your inner power exists in order to help you fulfill your purpose. Knowing your purpose will awaken your inner power, and accessing your inner power will help you achieve your purpose. 

Which begs the question: do you know your purpose?

It’s okay if you don’t (a lot of people don’t). But if you don’t, I would encourage you to do some thinking and determine what your purpose is. Questions like these might help:

  • What am I excited to do every day?
  • What gets me out of bed in the morning?
  • Which parts of my life don’t feel like a chore?
  •  If I could do exactly what I wanted today, what would I do?

Identifying your purpose will help you find passion, direction, meaning, and happiness in your life. 

How do you access your inner power?

Clearly, accessing your inner power is a useful skill. And it’s going to look different for everyone. I’ve also found that inner power can come and go: some days, you’ll feel it strongly; others, you’ll wonder if it’s even there at all. On those days, it can help to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you tap into that power and put it to good use.

Here are some things I suggest.


Whether you talk to God, the universe, nature, or something else, connecting with a “higher power” can help center us and bring us back to our inner power. 


Be still and think. Think about the power you’ve observed in yourself in the past, and how that power could help you now. 

Take a short break

Pressuring yourself to access your inner power might be the thing keeping you from accessing it. Take a break. Rest your mind and your body. Let the power come naturally.

Rethink your expectations

Are your expectations reasonable? There is a benefit to pushing yourself sometimes, but there’s also a benefit to being realistic with your time and energy. If you can’t tap into your power, maybe it’s because your expectations are too high. Reset and try again.

Focus on gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. Recognizing what you are grateful for puts you in a positive mindset, which is more likely to bring out your inner power. Start a running gratitude list, and add to it whenever you need to access your inner power.

Be active

Sometimes, any kind of movement is all it takes to get you going. If you’re having trouble accessing your inner power, a quick walk, jog, or even some light stretching might do the trick.

Limit technology use

Technology is powerful. Sometimes, it’s too powerful. Technology can be a useful tool, or it can suck up your time and creativity, becoming a crutch that enables you to not rely on your own power. Don’t allow your relationship with technology to get in the way of your inner power. 

Be kind to yourself

Negative self-talk is harmful. It damages your hope and belief in yourself, and without those things, why would you even try to access your inner power? Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge your strengths. Reward your efforts. Kindly invite your inner power to show up.

Help someone else

Some of the most meaningful ways we can access inner power have to do with how we treat others. Looking outside yourself can be a great way to awaken your inner power and feel capable and powerful again.


Stress can definitely put a damper on your inner power. If that’s happening to you, do something that relaxes you—a short nap, a slow walk, reading a book, preparing a healthy snack, etc. Relaxing your mind will ease the pressure you feel, which can help you access your inner power.

Take it one step at a time

Sometimes, all we can do is the next right thing. You might feel overwhelmed by a large project looming ahead of you, but you don’t have to tackle large projects all at once. Action begets power. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Taking even a small step will encourage your power to come alive. 

Your inner power is real. It’s inside of you, waiting for you to use it. Accessing your inner power can be your biggest asset as you work to “create happy” in your life and in the world. Learn to tap into it. Recognize what it feels like. Embrace it when it’s there. If you can do that, then soon, you’ll see just how powerful you are. 

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