Getting to the Heart of the UX Problem

Finding the Heart of UX Problems

Good design doctors get to the heart of problems before developing solutions. Here’s how to use your design philosophy to uncover the real UI/UX design problem and find a cure.

Using Design Thinking To Distinguish Smart UX Design Decisions From Shiny Objects

Design Decisions & Shiny Objects

Are you solving real problems or chasing after “shiny objects”? Learn how to use design thinking and design principles to differentiate smart ideas from distractions.

Collaborative Design for Enterprise Teams

Collaborative UX Design for Enterprise

Discover 3 ways to know if a collaborate design process would help your business, plus 3 tips for helping team members effectively implement a new process at your organization.

3 UX Predictions for 2016

3 UX Predictions for 2016

Look into the crystal ball with us to see the top three UX design trends we predict you’ll see more of in 2016.

Something New To Share

Get a glimpse into the reboot of, a resource for sharing design ideas, tools, artwork, assets, code and processes.

Foldify: Paper Characters and Creations from the iPad

Foldify is joy for the iPad. Designed and developed by Pixle, a development and UI design trio based in Warsaw, Poland, Foldify brings paper and tablet together in a playful and intuitive way. The app’s motto—Create. Print. Fold.—says it all:…

Empty Memory: Beautiful and Clever Flash Drives

Empty Memory from Logical Art visualizes the abstract space of electronic memory, allowing its owner to fill the voided space with their invisible data. Since flash drives have continually decreased in size while adding space, the hollow area poetically implies…