The Wrong and Right Way to Build an MVP

The Wrong and Right Way to Build an MVP

Find out how to avoid the common product management pitfalls of building a minimum viable product (MVP) and build something that’s not just viable, but actually valuable.

Using Design Thinking to Solve UX Disagreements

Dealing with UX Disagreements

Every UX design professional has experienced disagreements among their team or with clients. Here are a few tips and exercises to overcome UX disagreements and design amazing products.

The Formula for Usability Testing: Part 2

In Part 2 of our series on usability testing, we’ll share our team’s favorite strategies and best practices for gathering the data needed to make smart, user-centered product decisions.

The Formula for Usability Testing: Part 1

In Part 1 of our series on usability testing, we’ll explore what it’s all about, why it’s a crucial step in the product design process and how to conduct tests like a pro.

Using Design Thinking to Align Enterprise UX Decisions

Aligning UX Decisions in the Enterprise

Alignment challenges result in products users don’t want or need. Learn how to use a collaborative design process to align business goals, user needs and development requirements in the enterprise.

Finding the Heart of UX Problems

Good design doctors get to the heart of problems before developing solutions. Here’s how to use your design philosophy to uncover the real UI/UX design problem and find a cure.

Using Design Thinking To Distinguish Smart UX Design Decisions From Shiny Objects

Design Decisions & Shiny Objects

Are you solving real problems or chasing after “shiny objects”? Learn how to use design thinking and design principles to differentiate smart ideas from distractions.

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