Insecurity and Fear

Learning to feel, describe, and respond to our emotions isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can be difficult for some people to even be aware of their emotions, much less be willing to face them and get to the bottom of them. This is especially true for negative feelings like insecurity and fear. These […]

How to Design Your Thoughts for Better Creativity

Creativity breathes happiness and meaning into life—but what happens when you feel like your creativity is stunted? After all, we’ve all had those moments when the creative juices seem to have just run out. If it feels like your muses are taking an extended vacation, it’s time to start trying to lure them back. And […]

8 Renewing Affirmations for Finding Creativity at Work

Creativity can be elusive, especially if you’re suffering from creative burnout. This can be especially frustrating at work, as you’re trying to solve problems, work effectively, and meet deadlines. There are many different things you can try when it comes to helping yourself renew your creativity, but one of my favorite methods is the use […]

The Secret to Writing Life-Changing Affirmations

Our thoughts are our constant companions. During every minute of every day, our thoughts are with us, guiding our feelings, reactions, attitudes, and actions. Affirmations can be a life-changing secret, helping us to grow. “Words can inspire, and words can destroy. Choose yours well.” —ROBIN SHARMA And all too often, our thoughts hold us back. […]

Our Favorite Affirmations for Hope

5 affirmations to help you develop real hope that will shape your thinking and your life. Positivity is powerful Positive affirmations have the power to shape your thinking and help you design a life you love. No, really—it’s science! But if positive affirmations are really going to make a difference for you, personally, then you […]

Finding Purpose and Meaning

What do you want your life to look like? We’ve heard a lot of answers to this question: “I want to have a steady job.” “I want to spend time with my family.” “I want to travel the world.” “I want a giant mansion in Beverly Hills with live-in staff and three indoor swimming pools.” […]

Positive Moments Amid the Chaos

Welcome to Chaos. Chaos, in modern times, usually refers to “a whole lotta crazy.” Chaos is the mega-rushed deadlines, the neverending pings from smartphones, the crushed cheerios carpeting the floor of the car. It’s the laundry to wash, the presentations to perfect, the bills to pay, and the package that gets stolen off your doorstep […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Positive Affirmations Into Your Life

If you want to be happier, you need to change your thoughts. And if you want to change your thoughts, positive affirmations can help. Positive affirmations aren’t the only way to develop a more positive mindset, but they’re one of the most simple, accessible, and affordable ways to build more happiness into your life. (They’re […]