Prototyping for Personal Change

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. That’s certainly the case when it comes to designing new thoughts and creating change in your life. It’s hard to start, because it’s hard to know where to start. What do you work on first? What do you change in order to work on it? Which mindset do […]

Finding Motivation

We all have divine potential. We all are capable of achieving whatever we want to achieve. Nothing is impossible for any one of us. So why don’t we always recognize that potential? Why do we not always achieve what we set out to achieve? Why does life feel impossible sometimes? There could be several answers […]

Starting with the End in Mind

If you want things to be different in your life, then you’ve got to think differently. In fact, you’ve got to think backwards.  Lasting change can only happen if you have the right tools, the right mindset, the right preparation, and the right perspective.  The problem is: the tools you need may not be the […]

Identify Your Pain: What Do You Want to Improve?

Greatness lies within you. Sometimes it may be hard for you to see it, or recognize it for what it is, but we can promise you that it’s there. And we want to help you discover it and uncover it for good.  But before you can even start down that path toward self-awareness and personal […]

The Boom-Bust Cycle of Personal Change

At Design.org, we believe in change. We believe in a person’s power to design their own thoughts, which will in turn allow them to design a life full of personal meaning. We have seen people become unstuck, unburdened, and untethered to the thoughts that have held them back for years—sometimes for their entire lives.  In […]

Hurdles to Self-Awareness: Pride

Of all the hurdles to self-awareness, pride is likely the one you think of first. Self-awareness requires you to acknowledge your flaws, strengths, opportunities and potential. It stands to reason that pride would get in the way. After all, you’re unlikely to want to work on knowing and improving yourself if you think you already […]

Hurdles to Self-Awareness: Shame

This Halloween, we’ll address a scary demon that is holding you back: shame. When you progress toward self-awareness, it’s like opening up your permanent record and reliving your life history. You face everything from your relationship with your parents, to your GPA in high school, to your dating life. The awards you’ve won, the tests […]

Hurdles to Self-Awareness: Self-Doubt

If you want to be more self-aware (and trust us, you do), there are a few big aspects of human nature standing in your way. One of them, the Skeptic, we talk about here. The Skeptic questions the very idea of self-awareness, telling you that you don’t really need it, that it won’t help you, […]