Foldify: Paper Characters and Creations from the iPad

Foldify is joy for the iPad. Designed and developed by Pixle, a development and UI design trio based in Warsaw, Poland, Foldify brings paper and tablet together in a playful and intuitive way. The app’s motto—Create. Print. Fold.—says it all: Folders can choose existing designs or create their own characters / objects, air print to […]

Empty Memory: Beautiful and Clever Flash Drives

Empty Memory from Logical Art visualizes the abstract space of electronic memory, allowing its owner to fill the voided space with their invisible data. Since flash drives have continually decreased in size while adding space, the hollow area poetically implies the “invisible technology.” The 4G flash drive is designed as jewelry and comes in two […]

The Difference Between UX and UI: Subtleties Explained in Cereal

Ever met someone who uses UX and UI interchangeably? Ed Lea created this photographic infographic to visually define the differences between user experience and user interface design and how they relate to a product. Via VM Associates

Modern Renaissance Superhero Designs: Altered Art

Worth1000 hosts a variety of photo-editing and illustrative contests. One of their contest series, Superhero ModRen, challenges users to incorporate superheroes into fine art pieces. It’s fun to see the contrast of modern characters we know and love placed in classic painting styles and poses. Take a look below for a sampling of the entries […]

The Comedy Carpet: A Homage to the Hilarious with 160,000 Granite Letters

Gordon Young and Why Not Associates designed this amazing, large scale Comedy Carpet situated in front of the Blackpool Tower, UK, and references the work of more than 1,000 comedians. The carpet, inspired by playbills and classic fliers, is 2,200m2 and contains more than 160,000 cut granite letters embedded into concrete and finished with a […]

Personified: A Photo Series on People and Possessions by Jason Travis

This blog post is going up a little late today because I just couldn’t stop looking through Jason Travis’s photos long enough to get it written. Jason is a photographer in Atlanta who began peering into people’s bags and lives for his Personified series in 2007. He captures the subject quite beautifully, and pairs him […]

Design Crush: Sweet Lucie’s Organic Icecream

Girl Crush loves Geri Czako, the lady and 1/2 the mastermind behind Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream of Los Angeles, and we love their delightful modern take on sweet retro design and color. The backstory behind Sweet Lucie’s: Geri was pregnant with a Lucie-to-be and experienced some demanding cravings for ice cream. However, she couldn’t […]

Captured: A Homage to Light and Air with 304 Graphics and 252 Space Blanket Cubes

Created for MADE Space in Berlin, “Captured” was a temporary installation following the MADE theme of light and air. Brothers by blood and designers by trade, machine artist Nils Völker and graphic designer Sven Völker collaborated over the course of three months to create the piece, which included four hanging walls featuring 304 framed graphic […]