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The Egg: Meaning

Meaning: The Ultimate Happiness

There are several steps along the road to creating a happier, more fulfilled life (five, in fact). But what does that life look like once you get there?

Is it full of money, power, love, and success? Maybe. 

But there is one thing it is definitely full of: meaning.

“Man: a being in search of meaning.”


A happy life has meaning. This is a life at peace.

What does it mean?

What exactly is meaning, and what does it look like to bring it into your life?

First, take a look at this list of synonyms:

  • Significance
  • Import
  • Essence
  • Value
  • Worth
  • Usefulness

Using this list as a guide, if you were going to try to find meaning in your life, you might ask yourself questions like: 

“What significance does my life have?” 

“What is the essence of the life I have created?” 

“Where does my worth lie?”

To discover meaning is to realize the answers to these questions, and to be able to choose thoughts and actions that are aligned with your answers.

In other words, your thoughts and actions match your intentions. It’s a place where you’ve learned how to design your thoughts, and how to allow those thoughts to not only shape a new, happier you, but to also bring your worth to the world.

Meaning brings clarity. It helps you see how the life you design contributes to the world around you.

Therein lies its power. With meaning, you’re able to create an everyday life that is full of intention and peace. Without it, you will likely feel unfilled and lost.

Meaning and the Egg

Meaning is the last stage of the Egg framework. All of the other stages lie under its umbrella. 

When you’re in a state of meaning:

  • Hope is fulfilled and reinvigorated
  • Belief is supported and sustained
  • Action is deliberate and positive
  • Purpose is clear and personal

When all of these things exist within you, they bring never-ending potential into your life—and you’re able to recognize it, embrace it, and move towards it daily. Your life is what you want it to be.

That said, even though meaning is the final stage of the Egg, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey. It’s the real beginning

Reaching a state of meaning is one thing, but remaining in that state requires continued effort. 

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Living in meaning

If you want to continue to live in meaning, here are some things you should do:

  • Be aware of your thoughts and actions in relation to other people. Are you moving towards them, or moving away? 
  • Try to help others. This reinforces your purpose and encourages you to look outward. 
  • Continue to be aware of your thoughts. Consider how you are using them to design your life.
  • Take moments to reflect on where you are and how far you’ve come. Give yourself credit for reaching a place of peace. Forgive yourself for anything you’ve thought or done that doesn’t align with your intentions.
  • Be present. Consciously being aware of yourself, other people, and your surroundings will continue to support the meaning you’ve discovered.
  • Allow for change. Realize that change is inevitable, and growth is positive. When the opportunity for change comes, don’t resist it. Use what you’ve learned about yourself and your thoughts to make a wise choice, and move forward with intention.

(For more ideas on living a meaningful life, read this.)

Discovering the meaning in your life—and committing to live accordingly—plays a big role in designing a life you love. Once you have reached a state of meaning, you’re ready to push yourself forward, to accomplish things you once only hoped could be possible.

You’re ready to live the life you’ve designed for yourself.

“Inner peace is the new success.”

P. Diddy

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Together, we can help you reach a place of meaning.

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