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Light Your Fire (Create Happy Podcast, Episode 1)

When you create, you can be fueled by many things: necessity, obligation, want, envy, boredom—just to name a few. But the best fuel for your creativity, by a long shot, is passion. That’s why, in Episode 1 of the Create Happy podcast, we talk about what it means to light your fire. Take a listen […]

Respond vs. React to Keep Your Creative Spark

Creativity is a tricky thing. There’s no consistent recipe for it. You can’t throw a bunch of creative “ingredients” together, push a button, and instantly get a creative spark every time. No, it’s much more nuanced and temperamental than that. In fact, there are many things that can affect your creativity that you’ve maybe never […]

The Power of Simplicity, Clarity, and Action

One of the most frustrating feelings for me is the feeling of spinning my wheels. It’s those times when I know I’m working hard and I know I’m exhausted, and yet, I feel like I have nothing to show for it. To me, those times feel overly complicated and wholly unproductive. And the way to […]

The Inner Dragon: Deliberate Action

At Design.org, we’re here to help you “create happy” in your life. A big part of that is learning to embrace fierce creativity, which is why we’re dedicating this series of blog posts to Unleashing Your Inner Dragon. Learning to unleash your inner dragon is all about recognizing the power that’s inside of you, and […]

How to Use Design Thinking to Conquer Self-Doubt

John Steinbeck was an American author whose works include renowned classics like The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and Of Mice and Men. The Grapes of Wrath is considered part of the American literary canon, and it won both the National Book Award and a Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and is often included in […]

Discovering Your Happiness: Other Frameworks & The Egg

Happiness is a pretty subjective concept. While almost everyone would undoubtedly agree that happiness is a positive thing, that’s likely the only universally accepted truth about happiness. From there, every individual is going to have his or her own definition or description about what happiness is. Is it a late night, or an early morning? […]

Action and Reaction

Two simple letters change the word “action” into the word “reaction,” but when it comes down to it, the two concepts are more different than they may seem. In fact, understanding the concepts of action and reaction are essential to creating a happier, more meaningful life.  The difference What is it that makes action and […]

The Egg: Action

Action: How Conscious “Doing” Leads to Happiness

When we think about creating change in our lives, most of us think immediately of action. We think about what we can do—the classes we could take, the people we could serve, the projects we could complete, the risks we could take. We want to jump in with both feet. We’re eager to get going, […]