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What Needs to Change in Your Life?

As humans, we mostly resist change. We fear the unknown. We like feeling content and safe. But although change is not always a welcome part of life, it is an inevitable part of life. Some changes we don’t get to choose; they happen, whether we want them to or not. Kids grow up, relationships come […]

Finding Meaning in Grief

Grief is one of the most complex emotions humans can experience. Everyone feels grief differently and responds to it differently. But not everyone realizes that grief, as an unavoidable part of the human experience, can also provoke unexpected thoughts and change us in unexpected ways—some of which aren’t negative. In fact, you can find meaning […]

How to Be Unapologetic AND Kind

Let’s face it: people are more divided than ever before. Especially in the United States, where political tensions have reached a boiling point (and in many cases have long since passed it), it’s hard to imagine a time when people were not forceful—if not downright belligerent—about their beliefs. Quite frankly, it’s hard to watch. Especially […]

Designing your Ideology

If you want a happier life, you can’t stand by and wait for it to happen to you. You have to create it. You have to be proactive and deliberate, designing the life you want for yourself and taking steps to make your vision a reality. This can feel a little overwhelming, which is why […]

The Inner Dragon: Believing

We’re continuing our Unleashing Your Inner Dragon series with a discussion on the next belief in our manifesto:  We believe in believing. Believe in yourself, in others, in your inner dragon, in the power of an idea. Belief has a special power in and of itself. When you believe, you’re creating. Beliefs create possibility and […]

Discovering Your Happiness: Other Frameworks & The Egg

Happiness is a pretty subjective concept. While almost everyone would undoubtedly agree that happiness is a positive thing, that’s likely the only universally accepted truth about happiness. From there, every individual is going to have his or her own definition or description about what happiness is. Is it a late night, or an early morning? […]

The Egg: Belief

Belief: The Gateway to Change

If you’ve ever attended a religious sermon, tuned into a motivational seminar, or read a self-help book, then you’re probably well acquainted with the idea of “belief.” In these contexts, belief is usually (and correctly) presented as a powerful concept. In fact, belief is so powerful that we often define ourselves and others based on […]

The Egg

The Egg: How to Create Happiness

Happiness isn’t something you come across by accident. You create happiness for yourself. But how? In today’s world of chaos, sadness, fear, and confusion, it’s easy to see happiness as an unattainable goal. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why so many people struggle with anxiety, depression, burnout, discouragement, and stress: they can’t find a […]