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Empowering Others to Be Courageous

Having the courage to acknowledge, reject, and overcome your own fears is a lifelong endeavor. Sometimes it can feel like you take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to living a life full of courage. From that perspective, empowering others to be courageous might seem like something you could never do […]

Releasing Yourself from Childhood Fears

Childhood can be a truly scary time. And while getting over some childhood fears is just a matter of age and maturity (I’ve yet to meet an adult who’s afraid of slimy, one-eyed monsters in the closet), there are some childhood fears that stubbornly stick around well into adulthood. Releasing yourself from those childhood fears, […]

Courage: Choosing to Acknowledge Fear

Many of us think of courage as the opposite of fear. When we have courage we don’t have fear, and vice versa. The two do not, and cannot, coexist. The problem with that line of thinking comes with real-life experience. When you try to reconcile the ideas of courage and fear in the real world, […]

Curiosity Creates

Your mindset drives your creativity. The way you think about, see, and interpret the world can inspire and motivate your creative efforts. Developing the sort of mindset that will lead to creativity is our primary focus here at Design.org. It’s why we talk about unleashing your inner dragon (and the fiercely creative mindset it brings). […]

Courage to Conquer Fear

Courage conquering fear is a tale as old as time: the superhero fights the villain; the explorer sails across an unknown ocean; the ragtag team of misfits takes on the corporate conglomerate. These tales are part of history and of legend, of fact and fiction, of movies, novels, museums, and bedtime stories. That’s all fine […]