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The Inner Dragon: Thoughts and Power Over Thoughts

Our Unleashing Your Inner Dragon series is all about discovering the inner dragon of fierce creativity that lives inside of you. Once you learn to unleash this inner dragon, you’ll be better equipped to “create happy” in your life—which is what Design.org is all about. In this post, we’ll discuss in greater depth the next […]

The Inner Dragon: Deliberate Action

At Design.org, we’re here to help you “create happy” in your life. A big part of that is learning to embrace fierce creativity, which is why we’re dedicating this series of blog posts to Unleashing Your Inner Dragon. Learning to unleash your inner dragon is all about recognizing the power that’s inside of you, and […]

The Inner Dragon: Believing

We’re continuing our Unleashing Your Inner Dragon series with a discussion on the next belief in our manifesto:  We believe in believing. Believe in yourself, in others, in your inner dragon, in the power of an idea. Belief has a special power in and of itself. When you believe, you’re creating. Beliefs create possibility and […]

The Inner Dragon: Fear and Rejecting Fear

The Design.org Manifesto for Creatives is all about learning to unleash your inner dragon and the fierce creativity it represents. We’re here to help creatives (and aspiring creatives) learn what it means to be fiercely creative, what is holding them back from embracing that creativity, and how they can push through those blocks in order […]

Unleash Your Inner Dragon: A Manifesto for Creatives

Dear Creatives, This is the story of a dragon. A dragon that lives inside you. It’s a dragon of fierce creativity, the source of big ideas and the power to bring them to life. The things you want most in the world—to make change, to inspire meaning, to “create happy,” for yourself and for others—all […]