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3 Signs You Need More Creativity in Your Life

Everyone can benefit from creativity. Not just artists and musicians, but accountants, lawyers, parents, pastors, and literally (literally) everyone else. But no matter how many times I say that, I always get someone who argues otherwise. They might think that they just aren’t a creative person, that their job doesn’t require creativity, or that creativity […]

How to Be Original in Your Creative Work

There is no one like you. In fact, there is no one like… well, anyone. No two people are the same. We all have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. But if that’s the case, why does it sometimes feel so hard to be original in your creative work? When I’m talking to someone about a […]

How Changing Your Perspective Can Help You Create

Plenty of things can get in the way of your creative efforts. Everything from hunger, to household chores, to mental health struggles can stifle your creativity. And while it’s easy for your creative flow to get turned off, it’s not so easy to turn it back on. That said, there are some things you can […]

How to Break Through Your Comfort Zone and Try Something New

Creatives are some of the most capable people I know—which is why it always baffles me to realize that many creatives struggle to break out of their comfort zones and try something new.  And yet, I see it over and over again. All too often, creatives—the people who thrive on originality and appreciate breaking the […]

Don’t Quit, Create

I’ve seen a lot of creatives succeed, but I’ve seen even more quit. In fact, quitting is the most common reason I see for failure in any creative project and often a primary reason for depression in creatives. Now, don’t get me wrong: sometimes, quitting is the right move. If you’ve thought it out and […]

How to Make Better Decisions in Stressful Situations Through Creativity

Making smart decisions can be hard in the best of times—pro/con lists, hours of Googling, talking to everyone you know who might have an opinion on the subject, etc. But add in some stress, and decision making gets even harder. Stress produces cortisol (aka the stress hormone), which actually reduces our ability to think things […]

Foldify: Paper Characters and Creations from the iPad

Foldify is joy for the iPad. Designed and developed by Pixle, a development and UI design trio based in Warsaw, Poland, Foldify brings paper and tablet together in a playful and intuitive way. The app’s motto—Create. Print. Fold.—says it all: Folders can choose existing designs or create their own characters / objects, air print to […]