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Design Crush: Sweet Lucie’s Organic Icecream

Girl Crush loves Geri Czako, the lady and 1/2 the mastermind behind Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream of Los Angeles, and we love their delightful modern take on sweet retro design and color. The backstory behind Sweet Lucie’s: Geri was pregnant with a Lucie-to-be and experienced some demanding cravings for ice cream. However, she couldn’t […]

Captured: A Homage to Light and Air with 304 Graphics and 252 Space Blanket Cubes

Created for MADE Space in Berlin, “Captured” was a temporary installation following the MADE theme of light and air. Brothers by blood and designers by trade, machine artist Nils Völker and graphic designer Sven Völker collaborated over the course of three months to create the piece, which included four hanging walls featuring 304 framed graphic […]

Posters and Other Modern Designs from the Portfolio of Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray is a designer and writer in the UK with a propensity for clean modern lines, muted color and excellent image choice. Here are a few items plucked from Gray’s portfolio.

Design Inspiration Prints from Imaginary Foundation

Find some inspiration in these prints from the Swiss design think tank Imaginary Foundation! They picked some excellent quotes to highlight. See more designs at the Imaginary Foundation website (they’re also available in apparel).

Artwork and Design from Multitasking Woodandwater

I stumbled upon artwork, sketches, design and book bindings from Woodandwater, and thought I might share them with you for some inspiration. The logo sketches are fun and the artworks has a weathered feel and texture that I enjoyed.

Plama Marble Run: A Classic Toy gets a Facelift

The Plama Marble Run 2D, designed by the Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD, adds clean design to a classic toy. I had one of these sets when I was little, and the metal shapes and colors are definitely 10 steps up from mine. I think to make this more exciting, I would need three […]

Designer Interview: Illustrator David Lanham

Since I first began doing digital illustration I’ve been following the works of iconfactory.com and, subsequently, the artwork of David Lanham. Happily, I recently had a chance to ask one of my favorite illustrators some questions about his work and inspiration. S: My kids are addicted to the “Ramp Champ” game. What was it like […]