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Foldify: Paper Characters and Creations from the iPad

Foldify is joy for the iPad. Designed and developed by Pixle, a development and UI design trio based in Warsaw, Poland, Foldify brings paper and tablet together in a playful and intuitive way. The app’s motto—Create. Print. Fold.—says it all: Folders can choose existing designs or create their own characters / objects, air print to […]

Plama Marble Run: A Classic Toy gets a Facelift

The Plama Marble Run 2D, designed by the Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD, adds clean design to a classic toy. I had one of these sets when I was little, and the metal shapes and colors are definitely 10 steps up from mine. I think to make this more exciting, I would need three […]

Postal Service Redesign: Graphic and Packaging Design

Have you seen Matt Chase’s complete overhaul of the United States Postal Service identity design? He redesigned everything, from the logo and branding, to stamp identities, packing tape, vans, and uniforms. I really like this idea and design, but I’m a sucker for vintage-style graphics and solid primaries. What do you think? Yea, nay, or […]

Furoshiki: Traditional Japanese Wrapping Cloth

A purse, tablecloth, scarf, belt, picnic satchel, wall art: Furoshiki. One piece of fabric is designed to be all of the above and even more with the use of your imagination. Lucinda Newton-Dunn is a British textile and graphic designer who has lived in Tokoyo and currently resides in Los Angleos. She is the clever […]