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The Power of Adventure, Curiosity, and Rebellion

There’s something to be said for rule-following. Rules and laws are designed to keep us safe, and there’s undoubtedly something comforting about having a semblance of order in this otherwise chaotic world. That said, if you’re trying to “create happy” in your life, it’s also important to discover and embrace the power of adventure, curiosity, […]

Fear Only Exists in the Mind

At Design.org, we talk a lot about the reality of fear. We believe in fear. We believe in acknowledging and rejecting your fear in order to demonstrate courage. And we believe that by learning to control your thoughts, you’ll be better equipped to control and conquer your fears.  Today, I want to zero in on […]

Courage: Choosing to Acknowledge Fear

Many of us think of courage as the opposite of fear. When we have courage we don’t have fear, and vice versa. The two do not, and cannot, coexist. The problem with that line of thinking comes with real-life experience. When you try to reconcile the ideas of courage and fear in the real world, […]

Meditation to Overcome Fear

Fear is a natural part of creativity. Every creative I know battles against fear on a regular, if not daily, basis. While fear isn’t something we’ll ever completely rid ourselves of, I believe that we can overcome fear, in the sense that we can take away fear’s power to direct or completely control our lives. […]

Trust Your Inner Voice

We all have multiple voices inside of us, vying for our attention. The trick is to know which ones to listen to. And the most helpful one is always going to be your true inner voice—the voice that stands up for you and is best aligned with your goals and dreams. It’s this voice that […]

The Power of Not Messing Around

A few years ago, I realized that my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. Sure, I was happy overall. I had a family I loved and a career I was passionate about. I set and stuck to personal goals. My belief system gave me direction and purpose. But still, something was off. […]

Knowing Your Achilles’ Heel and Secret Sauce

You are destined for greatness. It might sound cheesy or cliche, but it’s true. You are 100% capable of “creating happy” in your life. You can bring positive change to your life and to the world. Success, love, happiness, fulfillment—it’s all within your reach. But you do have to put in the work to get […]

How Creative Peers Accelerate Personal Growth

You’re a smart, capable, creative person. If you really wanted to, you could handle whatever you wanted to on your own. You could grow, learn, achieve, and experience personal growth without help, support, or even friendship from your creative peers.  You could…but really, why would you want to? Sometimes, our culture applauds the independent, going-it-alone […]