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Curiosity Leads to Solutions

If you’ve been around here long enough, you might remember our original Unleash Your Inner Dragon manifesto looking a little different than it does now. Specifically, the section that currently reads “We believe in curiosity” once read “We believe in solutions.” Why the shift? We have our reasons. And I felt like it was important […]

Don’t Buy Into Being a Tortured Artist

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous artists of the 19th century. While he didn’t receive a lot of recognition or acclaim during his lifetime, today he is considered a prolific artist who has achieved commercial and popular acclaim. He’s also one of the most famous examples of the stereotypical tortured artist. Van […]

How to Reinvent Yourself Using New Habits

If you really want to “create happy” in your life, then it’s going to take a little reinvention. See, you’ve been doing things a certain way for a while—a certain way that has brought you to where you are now. You have habits that, on a daily basis, either take you closer or farther away […]

Using Fierce Creativity to Dissolve Injustice

Unleashing your inner dragon and using your fierce creativity can change your life—but more than that, it can change the world. Your fierce creativity has the power to spark widespread change, dissolve injustice, and “create happy” in the world, even as it creates it for you individually.  As injustice continues to be a problem in […]

Creative Crossroads and Finding What’s Next

Every once in a while, creatives find themselves at a crossroads: a moment when there’s an opportunity to change direction or focus, and to find what’s next. Whether the opportunity is presented directly, or you just start to feel like change is in the air, facing a crossroads is a normal part of anyone’s professional […]

How to Use Depression as a Springboard for Creativity

If you’ve ever heard of the idea of the “tortured artist,” then you know that there is a perceived connection between creativity and mood disorders such as depression. While the actual evidence on the subject is shaky at best, there have been some studies done that seem to establish this correlation.  Thankfully, however, this connection […]

How to Plan for the Future While Living in the Present

Planning for the future, while living in the present, is an age-old balancing act. How do you simultaneously plan ahead and be in the moment? We’re constantly bombarded with messages about how important each of these things is individually:  You need to plan for the future, because that’s what brings you achievement, fulfillment, and satisfaction. […]

4 Ways to Capture and Harness Your Creative Motivation

If you want to “create happy” in your life, you will want to figure out how to capture and harness your creative motivation. What exactly does that mean? It means finding what motivates you and applying that motivation to your creative efforts. After all, it’s not really enough to just feel motivated if you don’t […]