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How to Handle Feedback Without Wrecking Your Day (or Week!)

It’s an experience that no creative wants to have. You’ve completed a project that you’re really proud of. You truly gave it your all—heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears. But when the feedback comes, it’s, shall we say, less than encouraging.  Creative work is particularly open to negative feedback: it’s often highly subjective and open […]

How to Get Comfortable With Taking Risks

Taking risks isn’t exactly fun (at least not for most people), but it’s a necessary part of life. In fact, risk is pretty much built into every aspect of life. Dating is a risk, starting a new job is a risk, creating something is a risk. Anything we do that we haven’t personally tried and […]

The Inner Dragon: Curiosity

Problems are everywhere, but curiosity isn’t. Some people aren’t willing to ask the hard questions—the ones that will lead to real solutions. But fiercely creative people are. Our Unleashing Your Inner Dragon series has been all about the power, possibility, and potential that is created when you allow your inner dragon of fierce creativity to […]

The Inner Dragon: Stubborn Optimism

Are you a glass-half-full, sunny-side-of-the-street, every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining type person? If so, you might be in the vast minority. A 2015 survey reveal that only 6% of Americans think the world is actually getting better. Of course, that’s talking about the world as a whole. Other studies indicate that people tend to be more optimistic about their […]

The Inner Dragon: Magic

For our Unleash Your Inner Dragon series, we’ve been discussing the beliefs we have here at Design.org that can help creatives and aspiring creatives to discover the fierce creativity inside of them. With this creativity unleashed, they can then go on to do meaningful, fulfilling work, and to “create happy” in their lives. At Design.org, […]

The Inner Dragon: Confidence

Design.org is here to help creatives and aspiring creatives discover the fierce creativity inside of them, so that they can “create happy” in their lives. Our Unleash Your Inner Dragon manifesto describes the things we believe will help each of us do that, and recently, our blog posts have focused on breaking these beliefs down […]

The Inner Dragon: Thoughts and Power Over Thoughts

Our Unleashing Your Inner Dragon series is all about discovering the inner dragon of fierce creativity that lives inside of you. Once you learn to unleash this inner dragon, you’ll be better equipped to “create happy” in your life—which is what Design.org is all about. In this post, we’ll discuss in greater depth the next […]

The Inner Dragon: Deliberate Action

At Design.org, we’re here to help you “create happy” in your life. A big part of that is learning to embrace fierce creativity, which is why we’re dedicating this series of blog posts to Unleashing Your Inner Dragon. Learning to unleash your inner dragon is all about recognizing the power that’s inside of you, and […]