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Overcoming Fears Through Creative Risk Taking

Creativity is hard. It can also be scary. And taking creative risks is even scarier. But what if I told you that those very risks are the things that could help you break free from fear and live a happier, more creative life? Overcoming fears through creative risk taking isn’t something most creatives consider, but […]

Courage: Choosing to Acknowledge Fear

Many of us think of courage as the opposite of fear. When we have courage we don’t have fear, and vice versa. The two do not, and cannot, coexist. The problem with that line of thinking comes with real-life experience. When you try to reconcile the ideas of courage and fear in the real world, […]

Find Your True Self By Overcoming Fears

You’ve probably heard the question asked: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Today, I want to take that question a step further and ask, “Who would you be if you weren’t afraid?” As you work to overcome your fears, you’ll be more able to find your true self. Why it’s important to find […]

Meditation to Overcome Fear

Fear is a natural part of creativity. Every creative I know battles against fear on a regular, if not daily, basis. While fear isn’t something we’ll ever completely rid ourselves of, I believe that we can overcome fear, in the sense that we can take away fear’s power to direct or completely control our lives. […]

Trust Your Inner Voice

We all have multiple voices inside of us, vying for our attention. The trick is to know which ones to listen to. And the most helpful one is always going to be your true inner voice—the voice that stands up for you and is best aligned with your goals and dreams. It’s this voice that […]

Surrendering to the Universe

Wanting to have control over your life is a perfectly normal human desire, but it’s not always helpful or healthy. Sure, it’s okay to set up your life in a way that allows you to conquer the chaos: create a schedule, set deadlines, hold yourself accountable, and learn to control your thoughts so that they […]

Tolerating Ambiguity and Uncertainty to Help You Succeed

What traits set a person up for success? Most people think that success comes as a result of intelligence, skill, circumstance, hard work, or even luck. But there are some less widely-recognized indicators of success as well. Today, we’re talking about one that doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention it deserves. We’re talking about […]

The Story of Two Watches (Part 2): WHY or WTF?

In Part 1 of The Story of Two Watches, we talked about how daring to be different can open you up to new possibilities, help you find unconventional solutions, and allow you to meet needs that are uniquely yours. In Part 2, we’re talking about how other people react when you dare to be different. […]