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What to Do with Creative Envy

If you are a creative person, or you want to be a creative person, then it’s extremely likely that you’ve experienced creative envy at some point. I think of creative envy as being envious of someone else’s creativity—a sentiment of “I wish I was as creative as them.” It’s a thought that I myself have […]

Why Creativity Is the Best Self-Help Tool

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you are not new to the world of self-help. You have probably read other blogs and books, listened to podcasts, and maybe even taken classes on how to improve yourself and your life. That’s all great (I do those things, too!), but even as I have exposed […]

Getting to Know Yourself to Find Your Creative Voice

How well do you know yourself? We put a good amount of time and energy into getting to know others: their kids’ names, where they’re from, what their interests are, etc. But do we put the same amount of energy into getting to know ourselves? We should, because getting to know yourself can help you […]

Using Fierce Creativity to Dissolve Injustice

Unleashing your inner dragon and using your fierce creativity can change your life—but more than that, it can change the world. Your fierce creativity has the power to spark widespread change, dissolve injustice, and “create happy” in the world, even as it creates it for you individually.  As injustice continues to be a problem in […]

4 Ways to Capture and Harness Your Creative Motivation

If you want to “create happy” in your life, you will want to figure out how to capture and harness your creative motivation. What exactly does that mean? It means finding what motivates you and applying that motivation to your creative efforts. After all, it’s not really enough to just feel motivated if you don’t […]

How Do I Get Motivated?

We all have things we want to achieve. Whether it’s losing weight, saving up for a down payment on a house, landing your dream job, or mastering a new skill, it’s human nature to want more out of life. Of course, it’s also human nature to want to eat french fries, waste time on social […]

Finding Motivation

We all have divine potential. We all are capable of achieving whatever we want to achieve. Nothing is impossible for any one of us. So why don’t we always recognize that potential? Why do we not always achieve what we set out to achieve? Why does life feel impossible sometimes? There could be several answers […]