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How to Handle Having an Unpopular Opinion

Sharing your opinions is fun. . . when everyone else agrees with you. But what about when they don’t? No one likes feeling like the odd one out, and these days, it seems like people with unpopular opinions are more likely to get shunned (or #cancelled). Does that mean you should change your opinions to […]

Say This, Not That: 5 Phrases to Improve Discussion

Disagreement, debate, and differing opinions are all good things. They help us balance each other out, share ideas, and move forward as a society. Unfortunately, these days, such discussions can swerve into dangerous territory very quickly. It doesn’t take long for a simple disagreement to turn into something much nastier: a situation where feelings are […]

How to Be Unapologetic AND Kind

Let’s face it: people are more divided than ever before. Especially in the United States, where political tensions have reached a boiling point (and in many cases have long since passed it), it’s hard to imagine a time when people were not forceful—if not downright belligerent—about their beliefs. Quite frankly, it’s hard to watch. Especially […]

Ways to Respectfully Disagree

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that many people in the U.S. have no idea how to respectfully disagree (and that you can never have too much toilet paper, but that’s another story). As an election year, 2020 brought us seemingly endless debates—between the candidates on TV, between our friends on social media, and […]

The Power of Happiness: Being Safe, Free, and Supported

Everyone wants to be happy, but sometimes, we look at happiness the wrong way. Happiness isn’t a final destination or an end goal. Rather, it’s something you can have right now, and every day for the rest of your life. That’s important, because if you can find happiness now, you can start to harness the […]

Empowering Others to Be Courageous

Having the courage to acknowledge, reject, and overcome your own fears is a lifelong endeavor. Sometimes it can feel like you take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to living a life full of courage. From that perspective, empowering others to be courageous might seem like something you could never do […]

How Creative Peers Accelerate Personal Growth

You’re a smart, capable, creative person. If you really wanted to, you could handle whatever you wanted to on your own. You could grow, learn, achieve, and experience personal growth without help, support, or even friendship from your creative peers.  You could…but really, why would you want to? Sometimes, our culture applauds the independent, going-it-alone […]

How to Talk to Your Family About Coronavirus

COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is pushing our world into uncharted territory—in a big way. Businesses are closing their doors, large gatherings have been canceled or postponed, and people are staying home (some by choice; some not).  Many people are dealing with things they don’t experience often: concern for their health and safety, worry about their finances, […]