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Personal Change through Lightning Bolt Moments

Inspiration can hit us in many different ways. Sometimes, it’s something a friend or loved one says. Other times, it’s something we read in a book (or on a blog!). Sometimes, it’s the result of long periods of reflection, or even longer periods of dissatisfaction or unhappiness. And sometimes, it just hits you like a […]

Design.org Assessment: Creating Focus Statements, Interpreting Results, & More

At Design.org, our number one priority is helping you design a life you love. Everything we offer, from our daily coaching messages to our affirmation packs, is centered around this idea, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience as you work to improve your life. In that spirit, we’ve recently updated the […]

Finding Motivation

We all have divine potential. We all are capable of achieving whatever we want to achieve. Nothing is impossible for any one of us. So why don’t we always recognize that potential? Why do we not always achieve what we set out to achieve? Why does life feel impossible sometimes? There could be several answers […]

Identify Your Pain: What Do You Want to Improve?

Greatness lies within you. Sometimes it may be hard for you to see it, or recognize it for what it is, but we can promise you that it’s there. And we want to help you discover it and uncover it for good.  But before you can even start down that path toward self-awareness and personal […]

Hurdles to Self-Awareness: Self-Doubt

If you want to be more self-aware (and trust us, you do), there are a few big aspects of human nature standing in your way. One of them, the Skeptic, we talk about here. The Skeptic questions the very idea of self-awareness, telling you that you don’t really need it, that it won’t help you, […]

Hurdles to Self-Awareness: The Skeptic

Self-awareness is a big step on the path toward a happier life. In fact, it’s one of the first steps you have to take. If you aren’t self-aware, you’ll never be able to identify the weaknesses or flaws that are holding you back, or the strengths that could propel you forward. If you’re going to […]

Being Willing to Change

When asked, most people would say that there is something they want to change about themselves or their life. Whether they want to strengthen a relationship, learn a new skill, or develop a healthy habit, humans by nature are often looking for ways to improve, with the hope that that improvement will make them happier, […]

The Egg: Action

Action: How Conscious “Doing” Leads to Happiness

When we think about creating change in our lives, most of us think immediately of action. We think about what we can do—the classes we could take, the people we could serve, the projects we could complete, the risks we could take. We want to jump in with both feet. We’re eager to get going, […]