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Staying Creative in a Remote Work Environment

Many of today’s creative professionals are used to working in a space that is designed for maximum creativity: a comfortable setting, natural lighting, communal areas, and unique, personal touches all contribute to a space that keeps your creative mind not only active, but thriving.  So what happens when, say, a global pandemic hits and you’re […]

The Egg in Practice: Applying the Egg to Your Focus Statement

At Design.org, our primary goal is to help you design a life you love.  It’s not to help you stumble upon a life you love, wait for a life you love, or (heaven forbid) buy a life you love. We don’t believe in waiting for happiness; rather, we believe in creating it. We take the […]

Connecting the Dots: From End to Beginning

We’re firm believers in starting with the end in mind. But if you start with the end…where do you go from there? Back to the beginning. Once you’ve identified what “the end” looks like for you, it’s time to connect the dots, drawing backwards, until you get to where you are right now.  At Drawbackwards […]

Personal Change through Lightning Bolt Moments

Inspiration can hit us in many different ways. Sometimes, it’s something a friend or loved one says. Other times, it’s something we read in a book (or on a blog!). Sometimes, it’s the result of long periods of reflection, or even longer periods of dissatisfaction or unhappiness. And sometimes, it just hits you like a […]

Discovering Your Happiness: Other Frameworks & The Egg

Happiness is a pretty subjective concept. While almost everyone would undoubtedly agree that happiness is a positive thing, that’s likely the only universally accepted truth about happiness. From there, every individual is going to have his or her own definition or description about what happiness is. Is it a late night, or an early morning? […]

Design.org Assessment: Creating Focus Statements, Interpreting Results, & More

At Design.org, our number one priority is helping you design a life you love. Everything we offer, from our daily coaching messages to our affirmation packs, is centered around this idea, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience as you work to improve your life. In that spirit, we’ve recently updated the […]

The Egg: Meaning

Meaning: The Ultimate Happiness

There are several steps along the road to creating a happier, more fulfilled life (five, in fact). But what does that life look like once you get there? Is it full of money, power, love, and success? Maybe.  But there is one thing it is definitely full of: meaning. “Man: a being in search of […]

The Egg: Action

Action: How Conscious “Doing” Leads to Happiness

When we think about creating change in our lives, most of us think immediately of action. We think about what we can do—the classes we could take, the people we could serve, the projects we could complete, the risks we could take. We want to jump in with both feet. We’re eager to get going, […]