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The Inner Dragon: Deliberate Action

At Design.org, we’re here to help you “create happy” in your life. A big part of that is learning to embrace fierce creativity, which is why we’re dedicating this series of blog posts to Unleashing Your Inner Dragon.

Learning to unleash your inner dragon is all about recognizing the power that’s inside of you, and then leveraging that power to create positive change in your life and in the world. The belief we’re going to discuss today plays a vital role in doing just that.

We believe in deliberate action.

Purposeful, deliberate action sparks change and progress. The actions you choose breathe your fire into the world, and it can either create or destroy. Your dragon can fight for good or for evil, depending on whose side it’s on. Design your actions to bring good into the world. Open your mouth and speak out against untruths and injustice. Don’t wait for something to change. Choose to change it yourself.

As one of the stages of the Egg framework, Action has tremendous power. It uses the Hope and Belief you’ve already developed to guide thoughtful, purposeful actions that take you closer to where you want to go.

Let’s take a look at each of these statements to see how deliberate action allows you to unleash your inner dragon.

“Purposeful, deliberate action sparks change and progress.”

Taking action is good. It means you aren’t letting fear hold you back or paralyze you, which is a victory in and of itself. But purposeful, deliberate action is especially powerful. Not only are you rejecting fear, you’re also designing your actions carefully. You’re thinking about where you want to go, drawing backwards to connect that to where you are now, and identifying the first steps that will get you moving in the right direction.

Deliberate action doesn’t have to be perfectly planned out or thought through. Sometimes, it will look and feel like a leap of faith, because it isn’t based on perfect knowledge. Rather, deliberate action is the action you have explicitly decided to take, based on the information you have right now. As long as you’re doing the best you can, you’re progressing toward positive change.

“The actions you choose breathe your fire into the world, and it can either create or destroy.”

Dragons breathe fire, and in many stories, that isn’t necessarily a good thing. A dragon’s fire is often a destructive weapon—something ultimately powerful and often unbeatable. 

But fire can be used for good as well as evil. In fact, fire is an essential part of life as we know it. Charles Darwin considered fire to be the greatest discovery humans ever made, except perhaps language. At the most basic level, fire provides light and heat, both of which are important to a thriving human existence. But going beyond that, fire plays a large role in many aspects of history and modern life, affecting technological advancements, religious practices, the human diet, entertainment, transportation, and so much more.

Clearly, fire can be used to create, as much as it can be used to destroy. The “fire” your inner dragon puts out into the world can do either. How it is used depends on the deliberate actions you take.  

“Your dragon can fight for good or for evil, depending on whose side it’s on.”

It’s true that fire can be used to create or to destroy, but consider this: creating can be used for good or for evil…and so can destroying. 

When is destruction a good thing? When it is part of the process of creation. Outdated, uninformed, or otherwise malignant practices, products, or beliefs sometimes have to be destroyed in order to pave the way for something more progressive, useful, and worthy. This can be applied in everything from business (consider Blockbuster’s reluctance to change versus Netflix’s willingness to evolve) to personal growth (e.g. shifting your political stance based on newly acquired information).

The point is this: your inner dragon should fight deliberately for the things you believe in—for the “good” you want to create in the world. Use your fierce creativity to spark positive change. Don’t allow your creativity to be used for evil. 

“Design your actions to bring good into the world. Open your mouth and speak out against untruths and injustice.”

Unfortunately, most of us are all too familiar with the untruths and injustices of the world. Use your inner dragon to fight against them in meaningful and creative ways. Be a voice for good, and align your actions with that voice.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a social justice warrior, holding rallies and promoting fundraisers (although, if you are ready – make it happen). It might mean that you use your creativity to express yourself to your immediate circle, to family members and friends who could benefit from your ideas. No matter how big or how small you want your sphere of influence to be, you can make a difference for good within that sphere.

“Don’t wait for something to change. Choose to change it yourself.”

“The way it’s always been” doesn’t equal “the way it always has to be.” If you see something that you feel needs to be changed, then you are capable of making that change. Your actions have power, especially when they are deliberately designed to create the change you want. 

Choose your actions carefully. Put your inner dragon to work for you. Use those actions to create and promote the kind of life you want to have, and the kind of world you want to live in. If you don’t, who will? 

Designing deliberate action

In order for actions to be truly deliberate, they need to be designed. But how exactly do you go about doing this?

I mentioned this briefly earlier, but the most powerful way I’ve discovered to design deliberate action is to draw backwards. That means thinking about where you want to go, starting there, and then working backwards. Eventually, you get to the present, and you’re able to clearly see what the next step is you need to take to move down that path. 

Design.org already has a large number of resources dedicated to helping you through this process. Check out the following blog posts that can help you through each step:

Ideas for deliberate action

Sometimes, the hardest part can be knowing where to begin. And yet, often, beginning requires only the smallest of steps. Your next deliberate action will depend on your desires and goals, but here are some examples of deliberate actions that might inspire you.

  • Find a local class on a topic that will help you reach your goal
  • Think of a friend or connection that could help you
  • Find a book or two on a related topic and buy them or reserve them from the library
  • Ask trusted friends or family members to refer you to a therapist or life coach
  • Choose an accountability partner to help you stay on track for your goal
  • Write an affirmation related to your goal
  • Sign up for Design.org’s free coaching service

The deliberate actions you take today will shape your world tomorrow. Use your inner dragon and fierce creativity to make every action count, and you’ll be even closer to creating the happiness you’re looking for. 

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