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Using Fierce Creativity to Dissolve Injustice

Unleashing your inner dragon and using your fierce creativity can change your life—but more than that, it can change the world. Your fierce creativity has the power to spark widespread change, dissolve injustice, and “create happy” in the world, even as it creates it for you individually. 

As injustice continues to be a problem in today’s world, it’s up to us to determine the role we can play in dissolving it and helping to shape a brighter future for all of humanity. 

Our world is in a state of entropy and decay.

The world tends toward entropy, or a state of chaos and decay. That means that when left alone, you can pretty much count on the wheels coming off. 

No matter what cause(s) you decide to get behind, there’s evidence of entropy in today’s world: social justice, racism, gender equality, LGBTQIA+ rights, climate change, public health, education—need I go on? While many of these causes do take steps forward in the modern world, they all face serious setbacks on a regular basis, and they all still have a long way to go. 

The only way to reverse this trend is to actively work against that entropy. That means taking deliberate steps that contribute to something greater, something that advances your cause and moves the world forward. 

Take action: spread the word. One powerful thing creativity can do is help you make other people aware of the injustices in the world. Because some people choose to turn a blind eye to these problems, it’s important for the rest of us to speak out when we see injustice, and to identify it for what it is. Applying your creativity here can help you spread the truth in powerful ways that truly resonate with people, and that open their eyes to the changes that need to be made in the world. 

Purpose is a strong motivator.

Do you have a clearly defined purpose? Do you know what you care about? Who are you here to serve? What groups could use your help and your love? Who needs to be defended and saved?

Answering these questions openly and honestly can be difficult, especially when we then try to look at how we are working to fulfill that purpose in our lives. 

Is what you care about also what you choose to spend time on? Or do other, more urgent matters take precedence? What was the last thing you did to really promote a cause you care about? What did you do and how did it make you feel? Why haven’t you done anything since then?

The way I see it, your creativity can be applied in many different ways, but in my experience, it’s always going to be the most powerful and meaningful when you apply your creativity to a cause you really care about. Creating for personal gain or commerce is one thing; creating in order to change the way the world works is another.

Which begs the questions: which are you doing, and which would you rather be doing?

Let your purpose and your creativity feed off each other: your purpose inspires your creativity, and you use your creativity to promote your purpose and strengthen that sense of purpose within you. 

Take action: find your purpose. Ask the above questions to help you identify what really matters to you and what causes you’re ready and willing to fight for. Think about how your creative talents could be applied to that cause.

Stepping out of your comfort zone inspires creativity

Because injustice runs so rampant in our world, sometimes, it can feel strangely “comfortable.” Not because we’re happy about it or think that it’s right, but simply because it’s the “way things have always been.” This makes it easy to live with.

Besides, it’s easy to notice the differences between yourself and others. It’s easy to draw distinctions, identify what’s missing, and come to unfair or unjust conclusions. 

It takes more work, more care, and more love to step out of our comfort zones and use our creativity to dissolve injustice and “create happy” for all. 

But when we’re willing to do that, we present ourselves with new ideas and perspectives, new thoughts and feelings, new people and places. And when we do that, we open ourselves up to inspiration—inspiration that can lead us to create something that will lead to positive change.

Take action: do something uncomfortable. A lot of the topics surrounding injustice in the world are uncomfortable to think about, but it’s only by thinking about them, learning about them, and facing them that we can begin to change them. Try getting uncomfortable as you explore a topic you care about. Take a class, have a tough conversation, read a book. If you’re going to change the world, you might have to squirm a little. 

Help people who have been treated unfairly

There’s injustice in the world because the way our world is set up favors some people and not others. While individuals may have good intentions and may be trying their best, system-wide problems set some people up for success more readily than others. It’s sad, but true.

That’s why people who have been privileged in certain ways should help people who can’t help themselves. Privilege opens doors that some people have never even had access to, and they need help from people who have never had to face that struggle. 

Creativity is a human trait. It reflects human talent and evokes human emotion. When we apply our creativity in the right way, we can help people who, for one reason or another, haven’t been able to overcome the roadblocks that have been put in their way. 

Creativity, backed by powerful purpose, can dissolve injustice and open doors to others. 

Take action: explore creative solutions. Use your creativity to express thoughts and feelings about the injustice you see in the world, and present possible solutions that spread ideas and get people thinking, talking, and acting.

Support other creators

Many people who belong to these marginalized groups are also creators. Perhaps this is a cause they’ve been fighting for for a long time. They might have already created content that expresses their beliefs in powerful and meaningful ways.

If you want to dissolve injustice, support this content!

Take action: put your money (and/or effort) where your mouth is. Buy a book, an online course, a product, or something else that supports the cause you believe in. Share these things with other people. Spread content that promotes the cause. Attend a peaceful protest that supports your ideas. Don’t just say you support something—show your support!

Your inner dragon, your fierce creativity, can help to dissolve injustice. You can take a meaningful stand against the injustices in the world. You can create happy, all around you.

Find a cause and fight for it. Your voice can make all the difference.

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