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What is a Creativity Coach and Why Would You Want One?

You’ve probably heard of a life coach, a fitness coach, a business coach, or even a spiritual coach, but you may never have heard of a creativity coach. What exactly is a creativity coach, and why would you want one?

What is a creativity coach?

A creativity coach is a coach that focuses on helping you unlock and expand your creative thinking and creativity. 

In my experience, creative coaching is about uncovering the right way to think about creating your life. It’s about finding ways to make your biggest, deepest, most sincere dreams a reality. As you work with a creative coach to tap into the creativity that is already inside you, you’ll be able to envision your dreams and come up with creative ways to make them come true. It’s you, not the coach, that does the work. And the coach knows how to get you there.

It’s important for this creativity coaching niche to exist because creative challenges are unique. A creative path is not an easy path, and creative professionals, along with others who want to create something new in the world, need specific skills and support in order to live the happy, creative life they dream of. 

What can a creativity coach help you do?

A creativity coach can help you:

  • Identify and explore inner mental blocks that are hindering your creative efforts
  • Develop systems and routines that help fuel your creativity
  • Find and maintain a mindset that supports your creativity
  • Build confidence in your creative abilities
  • Feel empowered to create what you want to create, and to live the life you want to live
  • Create positive change in all areas of your life

Creativity coaching vs creativity myths

As a creativity coach, I strive to debunk two big myths about creativity.

Myth 1: Creativity isn’t for everyone.

Creativity IS for everyone. While it is true that some people are more naturally inclined to creative thinking, everyone needs and can benefit from creativity, no matter what field you work in or what your dreams are. I work with people who identify as creatives, and with people who want to tap into the creative that they know is inside of them.

Myth 2: Creativity isn’t important.

I believe that creative thinking can change the world. Creative thinking is what causes us to question the status quo, identify problems, and find innovative ways to create positive change. Everything we have is the result of creativity, and there’s still room for future creatives to expand and improve upon those ideas. Problems aren’t solved and the future isn’t created without rich creativity. Creativity is vital to individuals, families, communities, and the world at large.

Why would you want a creativity coach?

So why would you choose a creativity coach over, say, a life coach, a business coach, or even just a therapist?

My answer: because creativity is the best tool you can have in your toolbox when it comes to creating a happy fulfilled life. Knowing how to access and use your creativity will serve you in every area of your life, for as long as you put it into practice. This is about you doing it, and gaining the creative confidence you need to achieve.

Creative coaching isn’t about solving a specific problem, but about empowering you to solve every problem.

It’s not about psychoanalyzing your past; it’s about bringing hope and positive, creative energy to your future.

In short, if you can learn to tap into your creativity, it can benefit every area of your life. 

You might need a creativity coach if…

How do you know if a creativity coach is the right call for you? You might want to consider working with a creativity coach if you’ve ever felt:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Stuck
  • Unfulfilled
  • Unable to prioritize
  • Out of control
  • Like an imposter
  • Out of good ideas
  • Unable to leave the ideas stage
  • Discouraged by your creative work
  • Like you’ll never achieve your dreams
  • Doubtful

Who needs a creativity coach?

Many people think that creativity coaches are only for people who work in a field that is seen as traditionally “creative,” like musicians, writers, artists, and actors. But remember: creativity is for everyone, and it can benefit most people in one way or another.

I’ve seen creativity coaching help:


Almost every job I can think of can benefit from creative thinking. In fact, being able to come up with creative solutions and approaches is likely to help you progress and advance in your career.

Even if creativity doesn’t directly apply to your work, tapping into your creative side can help you avoid burnout and live a happier, more fulfilled life outside of work. I’ve found that many people who feel overworked and unhappy get enormous benefit from creativity coaching, and it ends up improving their professional and personal lives.


Raising kids is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. It can feel overwhelming and discouraging at times, and it’s common to feel at a loss as to how to raise your kids well and keep everyone in your home happy.  

Creativity helps parents get in touch with a more youthful, playful side of themselves, and allows them to approach parenting challenges with fresh perspective and an improved attitude. Parents who have a creative outlet are also happier, having something that they do just for themselves. 


Creativity is actually hugely beneficial when it comes to relationships. A curious person with a WHY attitude (as opposed to a WTF attitude) is less judgmental and easier to get along with. They are willing to discuss new ideas and accept new viewpoints. They’re also equipped to handle the challenges of a relationship with creative thinking, rather than falling into old, harmful patterns. 

Growth-minded individuals

Anyone who wants to work on their problem solving skills, their confidence, their self-image, and more can benefit from creativity coaching. I used to be amazed at how big of a difference creative thinking could make in a person’s life, affecting everything from their financial habits, to their day-to-day mood, to how much gratitude they have, to their stress levels, to their sleep. (I’ve seen it work enough times to not be surprised anymore.)

The bottom line: anyone who wants to improve themselves or their life can benefit from creativity coaching. (And yes, musicians, artists, and the like are all welcome, too!)

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what a creativity coach is and why you would want one. I love creativity coaching because it’s so personal. It focuses on what you need, on your goals, on your plan for your life. We take where you want to go and we connect it to where you are now. We approach your life with new eyes, looking at everything through the lens not of what is, but of what could be.

You have creative potential inside of you. I know it, and I think you know it too. If you want to start becoming the person we both know you can be, it’s time to get started with creative coaching. 

See you there. Email hello@design.org to learn more.