What’s the secret to happiness? You create it.

And you start creating it by being willing to think about it. Personal happiness starts by turning away from fears and anxieties with a hope for a better future, and maybe that’s why you’re here. Maybe you are just curious or skeptical. Making the decision (having the thought) that you will be happy and successful on your terms and believing that you can do it, puts you on path to be there. You are your thoughts. You will become your thoughts. Just like plugging in a destination on your phone, you can set the route to arrive where you want to be. It’s true. Let’s try it.

To help you get started towards your destination, take a personal assessment. When you’re done, we’ll tell you where you’re at and send you personal coaching messages designed to lift your thoughts through your day.

The Egg Self-assessment

How does the Design.org assessment work? After decades of reading books, research and going through personal training and coaching, we’ve created the Egg, as a way to mark our progress toward finding happiness, meaning, and inner peace. If you crack an egg to let a chick out, the chick will die. If you want the chick to live, you have to let the chick crack itself out of its egg. That persistence and strength developed to escape the egg is essential to surviving and living. The same is true for us, no one can shape our being, we must shape it, from the inside out. Our thoughts become our reality. We are what we think.

Diagram showing hope as the egg yolk with concentric rings outward for the remaining levels

1. Hope

You’re beginning your journey and you desire for things to change in your life. You have started to think about a different outcome than you have in the past. You turn away from fear.

2. Belief

You’re moving forward with faith in yourself. Your mind sees new possibilities that are real. You accept that your thoughts can transform your life.

3. Action

You’re designing your thinking to create happiness. You apply effort to move your thinking by choosing your words and thoughts carefully. You are becoming self-aware in how you think and act, and look for ways to manifest positive outcomes.

4. Purpose

You’re intentional in everything you think, say and do. You know your path and why you exist. The results you want arrive from the thoughts and action you consistently make. You are aware of how your thoughts and actions can improve the lives of others.

5. Meaning

You’re what you intend to be. You are living in a happy state, you have achieved inner peace. Your thoughts bring you into unison with yourself, and those around you and the universe. You create your world every day with every thought and action. You lift others to their meaningful state. You desire to stay at peace.

Our Purpose & Offer

We don’t want to make a billion dollars but we do want to impact one billion people. We imagine people thinking differently, creating different outcomes for themselves, designing better thinking, lifting their families, and communities. To make this a reality we provide you with help. We offer anyone in the world a simple, positive piece of coaching, sent daily to anyone who desires it. We believe in the power of positive thinking.

For those who want to design their thinking, and crack through their shell faster, we’ve created a service. We want to walk beside you, wherever you go, and help you think and be your trusted guide. For the cost of around one drink per month, we offer packs of affirmations. You’ll also be able to schedule your affirmations when you want them to be delivered, with the opportunity to receive up to six per day. You can even write your own affirmations, and we’ll coach you on how to do it, to turn your thoughts around and crack out of your own egg toward a meaningful life. You’ll also receive a Sunday inspiration email, encouraging you to keep going on your personal journey.