Creativity is hard. We know it, you know it. Real creativity, the kind of creativity that changes people and changes the world, requires fierceness, bravery. It requires you to put yourself out there, to release your inner dragon, to close your eyes and jump head first because you believe that whatever you have to create is worth everything and then some. Why? Because that kind of creativity leads to a happier, more fulfilled life. Because happiness isn’t something you find; it’s something you create.


At Design.org, we help you “create happy” in your own life. We help you unleash your unique, beautiful, fierce creativity. Through powerful ideas and practical exercises, we can help you break free from negative thought patterns, release the fear that holds you back, and discover the magic that will move you forward.

The Egg

After decades of doing research and going through personal training and coaching, we’ve created the Egg—a way to mark our progress toward finding happiness, meaning, and inner peace. If you crack an egg to let a chick out, the chick will die. If you want the chick to live, you have to let the chick crack itself out of its egg. That persistence and strength developed to escape the egg is essential to surviving and living. The same is true for us, no one can shape our being, we must shape it, from the inside out.

1. Hope

You’re beginning your journey and you desire for things to change in your creative life. You have started to think about a different outcome than you have in the past. You turn away from fear.

2. Belief

You’re moving forward with faith in yourself and in the magic that lies within you. Your mind sees new, creative possibilities that are real. You accept that your thoughts can transform your life.

3. Action

You’re designing your thinking to create happiness. You apply effort to your creative endeavors. You are becoming self-aware in how you think and act, and look for ways to manifest positive outcomes.

4. Purpose

Your creativity is intentional. You know your path and why you exist. The results you want arrive from the thoughts and actions you consistently create. You are aware of how your thoughts, actions, and creativity can improve the lives of others.

5. Happiness

You’re what you intend to be. You’ve released fear and allowed your inner dragon to drive your fierce creativity. Your creations allow you to be at one with yourself, those around you, and the universe, bringing you true happiness and inner peace.

Our Purpose & Offer

The mission of Design.org is to help creatives and aspiring creatives break free from fear, unleash their inner dragon of fierce creativity, and “create happy” in their lives.

To do this, we offer:

  • Free, personalized coaching services to help you define, create, and maintain happiness in your life. 
  • A free weekly inspiration email to fuel your creative energy for the week ahead
  • Live weekly Q+A coaching sessions to ask questions and listen to others work through challenges (additional fee)
  • Mental wellness and creativity worksheets to use whenever you feel like you’re in a creative rut (additional fee)
  • Positive affirmation packs and reminders to help train your thoughts more effectively (additional fee)

The world needs you. It needs your ideas, your passion, your inner dragon. The world needs what you, and only you, can create. 

We see you. It’s time to see—to really see—yourself.

It’s time to create your happy. 

Let’s do this.