A Modern WordPress Starter Theme Built For Designers

A Clean Starting Point for Themers

Responsive Lightweight Modern

While many themes try to do everything, Forward doesn’t.’s advanced UX designers and developers stripped all the fluff away and left only what's needed. The result? A lightweight, super customizable front-end framework that gives you a quality jump-start on your next project.

Based on Underscores

Forward is based on Underscores and includes all of the theme’s key features, while building on it to make it even better.

Optimized for Search Engines

Using Underscores also helps SEO by incorporating best practices for HTML5 markup, hAtom microformat, and XML.

Theme Unit Tested

Forward has been put through the paces to ensure it passes the test. Plus, our designers spent extra time styling all the details.

A Killer Workflow for Developers

After working with hundreds of themes over the years, Forward’s veteran UX developers kept noticing most of them had too much of what they didn’t want and not enough of what they actually needed. So, we decided to craft a new framework that serves as a solid starting point for any project and helps designers and developers create the future.

Gulp Icon


Automates monotonous tasks so you can spend less time on boring stuff and more time writing killer code.

Sass Icon


Takes CSS to the next level with new features like nesting, mixins, variables, inheritance and more.

Bourbon Icon


Easily defines multiple responsive breakpoints and columns, and helps you write more effective stylesheets in minutes.

Bower Icon


Streamlines your workflow even further by finding and managing your most important packages.

BrowserSync Icon


Saves time on browser testing by synchronizing file changes and interactions across multiple devices.

Velocity Icon


Combines the best of jQuery and CSS transitions into one fast, feature-packed animation engine.

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